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i’m tired of having to misgender myself for paperwork

Actually, they’re asking what gender were you born with.

You’re actually not “born a gender”! You are assigned a gender at birth. Trans/non-binary people are trans & non-binary bcos they disagree with the gender they were assigned at birth.

This helps them to know what diseases and sicknesses you are most likely prone to get~! Some of these can be very lethal or serious, however, and so it is much better to tell them the information.

I’m studying to be a nurse & I can tell you that your gender is unnecessary for medical forms. We don’t need to know how you identify in order to treat you, other than to be able to use the appropriate language (like your pronouns, for example). If anything, the gender section should be a fill-in-the-blank with an additional space for your pronouns.

It is much more important for us to understand your body, & your genitals/physiology have nothing to do with your gender.

It would be okay to write your preferred gender in a little note beside your answer, but please, please do tell them what you were born as!

This is incredibly problematic, bcos you are essentially saying that trans men & trans women & non-binary people are not “really” the gender we say we are.

You are suggesting that we refer to ourselves as the gender we were assigned at birth, which can cause a lot of stress for trans/nb people.

You are asking that we misgender ourselves when gender has nothing to do with medication in the first place.

I am concerned for everyone’s safety who does this u-u~<3

Thank you for listening, and I hope you consider this~~~! c: 

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

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