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This is a blog dedicated to calling cis people out on their cissexism. ♥
Nice Day for A Revolution
Aiden, you're disgusting. I am cis and female and a lesbian, and I don't want a penis /anywhere/ near me. The idea of sex with someone with a penis makes me uncomfortable. Trans women are women, but I'm not going to sleep with them unless they've had bottom surgery. I am not obligated to sleep with anyone, and for you to imply otherwise is entitled as fuck. -S

I don’t really care about your cispinions. 

I have nowhere ever in history have ever said, “You must sleep with trans women”. And to interpret “it’s x-ist to exclude a certain marginalized group of people from your attraction pool” as “you must sleep with certain marginalized group of people always” is actually pretty entitled itself. 

You see, you can sit there and scream “IMPLICATION!” all you want, but the actual message is nothing of the sort. But I’m not surprised you chose to ignore what I was actually saying. Because there is no implication. There is no cotton ceiling. There is no agenda to force cis lesbians to have sex with trans lesbians. Like, Jeebus Crust.

It betrays your privilege. 

But let’s not stop there. I’m going to explain to you why you’re a raging transmisogynist, and I hope no one ever sleeps with you ever again.

Contributes to the violent myth that trans women are disgusting for their own genitalia? Check.

Contributes to the violent myth that sleeping with a trans woman is comparable to rape, which spits in the face of all survivors, a significant portion of them being trans women? Check.

Contributes to the violent myth that there is a trans agenda to subject cis lesbians to sex with trans women, AKA, to subject them to the patriarchy and “cure” them, because having sex with a woman revokes your lesbianism apparently? -otherwise known as the cotton ceiling, when we’re just trying to get cis people to examine internalized cissexism and challenge societal norms of desirability? Check.

Places privileged gatekeeping demands on the reproductive health of trans women, who are already under pressure from societal standards of desirability in this aspect, all for her own personal standards? Check.

Puts trans women on the same level as cis men by comparing the two indefinitely, when the only common denominator is perhaps the presence of a penis? Check.

Completely pushes the unilateral cissexist dyadicist idea that gender = certain genitalia? Check. 

Ooh, you have a lot of points against you. Try again next time. And by next time I mean never. Delete your blog and never come back~~~~~

How did you even get here anyway? This blog is not for cis people. Leave, and go sign your transmisogyny with a pretentious little -s somewhere else. I don’t know who you are, and I don’t care in the slightest. 

Lol bye~ stay mad~